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Psychotherapy and Counselling Services

Person-Centred counselling is an effective intervention to support psychological wellbeing and promote positive mental health. It offers those who use it the opportunity to discuss and explore their situation in a personalised, supportive and respectful manner.

Person-Centred counselling provides the possibility of a truly honest exploration about the things that are weighing down on you and the resources you have for dealing with the issues. It does not follow a one-size-fits-all approach to your mental health but respects your own individual experience by carefully listening to you and what you say, how you feel and what you think. The therapist does not work with mental health “labels” like depression or anxiety but instead takes time to help you say what life is like for you each day and how you are coping or not coping with your struggles.

The therapist has no interest in making a judgment about you or your circumstances but instead is very interested to properly understand your world and with that empathic understanding provide you with a genuinely supportive response. This approach is soundly based on a belief that each person can be helped to find their own way forward and with the right support can connect with the right path that leads to resolving their struggles.

The counsellor brings a specialist skill to the therapy to ensure the client consistently feels respectfully heard, empathically understood and is responded to with genuineness on the part of the therapist. The counsellor at the same time will consistently avoid telling clients how to live and what to do, but rather encourage client to find that answer within themselves.

Entering into Person-Centred counselling will certainly lead to an open and honest dialogue, potentially the most honest dialogue a person has ever had about themselves.